out on the bay


though i must exhort to you

do not let your grudges

bury yourself at sea.

through the redwoods

the separation of time was divided

between the birds and convoluted memories

between the woods

within the fog

the eyes within

were filching

the last remnants of my soul.


let us take it.

let us migrate into our own

paradise which we have so eloquently designed

and into eternity we shall conflate

forming a future of our own

for generations to reflect and admire.


we are all prisms

so let us show our color

from the sun

and the rest shall follow.

there is no metonymy

for all the love which you have given me

and the love which i had shared.


oh shadow

oh mimesis

oh abstractions of the past

your footprints are only following mine

deep through these woods in comfort

to confront the future.

this melancholia of mine

has sailed far away into

this dense fog where i

dare not follow its lanterns

where no man can no longer see….

what was this moment for?

bottled up

mind passim

the stars only became void

knowing we are all the same

we refuse to gaffer

in our woes for we know

Eons from now the stars

will finally see our radiance

and in favor return their love

in full luminosity.



as like the flickering of the stars

light has finally reached me


sitting on this rock

observing all of the bay

I wince to myself

as my sorrows

as my nimiety of regrets

all become washed away.

oh seagull.

where do the seagulls go

when they get lonely…


these lines

are fragmented pieces

put together.

no future

no past

no present.

here in these cosmos they are one of the same.

your smile

your eyes

your laughter

they keep me alive throughout the night

as you gallop freely through my head

enjoying what we are

enjoying what we will be

meditating on this old rock of mine

the world awakens

and i am ready to rise

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San Francisco 2014 - A farewell letter

Traveling north
I am only thinking of you
I am only ignoring these lights
Reflecting on the cascading landscape
Knowing that we truly had a time
Ignoring the world around me
I am dancing with you
Purely fixated on your smile
Wishing that this moment will never end
But it has to
As it always does
But again we refuse to stop our feet
And we move with our wings
Into new memories to admire
Why do we destroy ourselves
In the darkness when
In the light there is too much to love
Through our prisms
We project such an array
Of beauty
When we play the songs of
Our heart
Though we move from our
Past of other worlds
I look to you as
A radiant future.
Poetry of the past
Makes us stronger
Poetry of the past
Makes us into color
These streets of the past
As the memories that once were
Oscillate through my fragmented mind
Again and again I am reminded
As I quest through this city of fog
That I am very lucky to be alive
A man of many middle names
I have lived
And now I realize I am ready
To accept the grace that
Has always been with me
You were standing in the shadows
At the station watching
my every move
Watching me transcended in dance
Watching me blooming with spring
And in the shadows
I was secretly fixated on your smile

I took you to the top of the stairs
To show the world given to us

Somewhere you were always everywhere  
And I am reminded
That you were a gift to my heart
On this foggy ride to the sea
I pedal as hard to try and focus
On the future that almost
Left me astray
Every year it seems
That my arms open
Where I am
Made brand new
Ignoring all the false
thrown at me
Which alluded to
My fabricated satisfaction
that i did not allow to weigh me down

I am factual
I am real
And in this city
I was simply a ghost
Observing the kaleidoscope
Which this wonder of a place projected
This is a simple poem
Which covers time
Which we all thought existed
But maybe they never did ….
Out on this starry night I stare out into the bay putting together the many pictures which I chose to throw away


You are wonder
Oh San Francisco
As you mend
Such rich mysteries
As you mend
Such glittering radiance
Moths to flames
We all are
Men to city lights
We all are
Washing the day
To relish
With the lust of night
As we ignore our fragility
We accept our stupidity
For in a way we all wish to die
With living a life of 1000 men
That is our destruction
That is our acceptance
With this city


And with you
in light
in song
in this world

I realize

I no longer need a place
Such as San Francisco

For with you
I am free
I am in bloom


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seattle (2013)

an advent of greed

which i held to

gather together a city

which comes so alive at night

but i was wrong

for this appeared to be

another holocene that has passed

another era which i became flooded

in my own mistakes

this was the beginning of the end for me

as i glanced off for miles into the distance

stirred and shaken between how this year would go

and months later

i didn’t know it would start like this….

the emerald city

such an odd place

in the midst of january

in the midst of winter

in the midst of the snowfall

the city is alive

the city is barren

the city is ready for the first days of spring

as so was i

for my mind was dormant

not knowing how it would sprout

a simple little seed i was

trying to figure how to grow

trying to figure how to form

into someone new

though one night in the streets

i did realize that

i had something special

i had myself

i had others

and for a moment

there was her who carried me down the street

as i was inebriated beyond comprehension

for amongst the dull grey skies

it was so strange to feel alive

but dead at the same time….

rain and rain and rain and rain

i stacked these stacks upon each other

awaiting for them to tumble


as i wrote of it before

it started off strange

it started off right

for as i reflect on these times

this odd trilogy became

a dark masterpiece

of time

these were the memories

which i have so written

at 4 in the morning

in which they were all fabricated

but now they became real…..

from the cascades to california

i took the train ride

which i have always dreamed of

which i have always fabricated in my mind

but it was with one

whom forever ago

i would write about

imagining she existed

and in truth

i was blindsided

and that was indeed the advent of my destruction

and that was indeed the advent of my greed

for as i admit

i was lost

i was simply a lump

in the road

as the cars

as the bikes

as the people

so nonchalantly ran over

to you

i apologize

what happened a month later

for i was lost

and i accept this advent of destruction

but as that seed which i wrote

so many countless times

began to sprout

and here i am again



a city of true acceptance


a city of true craft

the smell of beans in the morning

reminded me of the times of

san francisco

as i knew affection

was being so tenderly crafted

because everyone is looking out

for each other

and that is how it should be……

but at the time i refused to accept it

in my repeated advent of greed

for you

for you

for you

my destruction was always for you

as that train rolled through in the midst of the night

i slowly watched the ice build

i slowly watched the flakes fall

i slowly closed my eyes as your hand rested in mine

now in this moment

i am embarrassed to say

i threw this all away

because i wanted more

when in reality i knew i shouldn’t

but i didn’t give a fuck

at this hour of mine

and out that door i rushed

not looking back

when i knew that

she was looking at me


down that hole i fell

pass the memories of seattle

into my own hell

but up i sprouted

and again and again

i became something new

as that snow melted

and spring came around me


did i mean what i said

when i wanted to say goodbye?

did you mean what you said

when you said goodbye?






i am blessed


i am grateful


i am accepted


i welcome this advent

for it is all i have

i welcome this soul of mine

for it is all i have

i welcome you

for it is all i have


this year is dedicated for you

though you may never read these lines

this year was always dedicated for you

and i am sorry that i tried to destroy it

for as i jump in-between the future


for as i jump in-between the past

i see my mistakes


i see my acceptance




the cascades






san francisco


los ángeles


i’ve seen it all

with you by my side

and again

i accept this

for though i may be a futile device

you have always been such a blessing



such a gem to be admired

the venus of the world         
 you preserve love in so many ways                   
and as i seek hope                    
you heal my troubled mind                          
 oh emerald                            
cloak me in wisdom         
cloak me in hope            
 cloak me in tranquility

heal my heart

amongst the moon

and through the rain

let me grow

let me grow

let me grow


on the water

i gaze at the blue heron

wondering next

where it’s flight might be

wondering next

where my next flight might be


where she might be

oh blue heron

if you see her

tell her i am sorry



oh city by the sea

construct me

let me go

let me grow

into a man that shines such light


i’ve spent so many hours

lost in bed

attempting to fall in love

all over

all over again

wishing for this renewal

amongst my advent of destruction

amongst my advent of greed

but in the end

we need to look pass

the weeds

and accept the green

for it holds

for it possesses true life

for that is where it all grows




shine for me




i accept you

and indeed

you were the foundation of this year


let us move onto 2014

and eons from now

i shall return


eons from now

into your


i will smile




how did we come to this?



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detroit (2013)

i wish i could

speak the truth

but i never can

i wish i could

exert my true self

but i never can

in this city i see much life

amongst the death

i see love amongst so

much hate


wants to see detroit die

but it never will

because i won’t let it.

a marvelous building i witness

only to learn it was

burnt to pieces the next day

(oh how the art we love can vanish without warning)

Detroit was burning

as everyone nestled themselves

on the couch hiding behind

their computers

their TVs


she was there beside me

wondering through these streets

gazing above at what once was

a golden palace

but now it is now only a shell

as the rust is eating it inside.

this is my city

but i cannot live here

but i cannot live here

there are no trains

(only cars)

there are no bikes

(for the roads are torn)

but this is my city

and i am in love it

you deserve to be loved

but you won’t allow it

and time passes on….

and we pass on

into blurs

which we pretend

that we never had


but i do love you

and you know this

and you will always know this

and with that

when there is darkness

when there is light

i will be by your side


you deserve to be loved

and with the memories

and with the times

and with the adventures

i am grateful to say

that i met you

and you met me

but as with this city

we have constructed

an irreparable life

but as you know

i will forever be by your side

though we are both  broken

our friendship is unassailable

and again and again

i am grateful

that i met you


a city of perseverance

a city of integrity

out of the ashes

they are indeed the phoenix


what a wonder you are


what a wonder you are

what a wonder we are


sell your masterpieces


for the strokes of geniuses

which you display with pride

has inspired many generations

including me


as my hands were in my pockets

gazing above

i sometimes wonder

where we will be

years from now……

will we find others to be with?

and who exactly will they be?

and why did we choose this life?

this is simply a

waltz #2 

which we play over and over

this is simply a

waltz #2

which we leave on mute


i am grateful to discover

discoveries which i never knew existed

i refuse to believe the lies they tell about you

as the snow began to fall

i only smiled

knowing you were there by my side

and as we sat on those sunken streets

smearing our canvases to death

arranging our hearts

the sun went around us 1000 times

as we refused to bulge

as we were perfecting our manifesto.

around and around

our shadows went

as we accompanied

 the rotation of the earth

and into my mind

a memory emerged


when i kissed you


and you simply


rode away



that was the last time i saw you


in the street i drew a portrait of you

so i can be remembered

by your week of happiness

as all around me

the roses began to bleed

and the entire city began to paint

and laugh with the moon…..

we shared these stories

in which we never knew existed before


there was a time

we had a time

was that you yesterday?

 when i thought i gazed into your eyes

and you looked away….

a genesis to my apocalypse

i will never witness your smile again

so we leave

in an image of flumes

from where i try to make you out in the sky


what is it worth

when you told me not to look

and simply wonder away in hopes

that this automaton of me

would produce something of perfection…..


let us not divulge into

what needs to not be said

but reside….

the growth from the soil

of the seeds we so tenderly sow and toil

to grow into a beautiful thing….

let us not divulge into such hate

but exclaim a feeling a of true….

you are

you are

you are

 a great being and i possess no

shame to let you know….

i want this soil to treat you well

and together we shall grow beyond our


so carelessly do we

throw away our minds

to synthetic beings

to only be chewed away

by beasts of lies……


my heart was formed

in your presence


i found true love

in your presence


these hands were crafted

in your presence

generations come and generations go

and no longer do the generations of my blood

exist in your presence

and i am sad

but i will not let you die

oh city of mine

but i will let you thrive

oh love of mine


you brought me light

and throughout eternity

(under the decay)

you will forever shine


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station to station


        began to paint the sky

as time began to turn away

as the shadows crept by us

as the trains kept pounding

against the ragged steel.


                    here i am

here i am

here i am conflicted between

on what my future shall be….

reflected off the monoliths

reflected off the sounds of beauty

there came an amplification

in a golden strum of acoustics.

station        to            station

        station to station

they sing….

art and ingenuity crafted by hand

as they roll from nation to nation

in honor of the ones who pave these lands

with true beauty.


we become carried

away in our own need to find life

there shall forever be that light

which we hold in our hearts.

i’ve been in love too many times

i’ve been in constant confliction

too many times

for now i am my own

and i am not ashamed….

my eyes become shut

and a ufo began to hover

from the distance

where i embrace this mirrored sea

of these made fantasies

and our augmented reality.

the mind falls into the void

which i attempt to catch

but all my mnemonic ideals fade….

whiskey and weed on my breath

it is interesting to find my own self

finding these paths to

become content…..

it isn’t your fault

it isn’t your fault

it isn’t your flat

because here in these mountainous lands

i can smile freely

as if bernini chiseled this moment himself….

i am caught in my own satisfactory serenity

where i could forever vanish and be happy

as these shitstorms roll in

as these shitstorms roll out

we cry

we scream

we reach out for that light

to share because

absolute loneliness

will be my absolute death.

I do not deny death

i merely accept it

because i’ve already attempted

to meet it many times before.

in this moment

i embrace this

equinox where love

is at it’s closest

and months from now

i will embrace this


where love

is at it’s distant.

let me burn

let me freeze

let me grow

let me wilt

let me love

let me parish

ignore these images

which you put into your mind

for they are true

for they are false

for they are light

for they are darkness

for they are music

for they are silence

for they are you

for they are you

for they are you

station to station

station to station

station to station

you brought me appreciation

to yourself

you brought me a tribute

to yourself

you brought yourself

to yourself

we carried ourselves from

to station to station


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